Environmental Management Services


Cleaner Production Consultancies

  • Certified consultants for CP by National Cleaner Production Center, Sri Lanka
  • Experts for implementing CP in all Industrial Sectors in Sri Lanka

Monitoring of Environmental Parameters and Pollution Mitigation Measures

  • Central Environmental Authority (CEA) approved service provider for emission measurements
  • Monitoring of Ambient air quality, industrial & power plant emissions, waste water, noise, etc.

Preparation of Environmental Feasibility Reports

  • Preparation of Bankable Reports for Soft Loans Schemes such as E-Friends, etc
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) preparation for CEA approvals

Consultancies on International Environmental Management Systems

  • CII, India certified experts for implementing the EMS System
  • Providing in-house training, documentation and guidance until achieving the certification for ISO 140001:2004
  • Awareness Trainings on Environmental Management Systems certification

Waste Management Consultancies

  • Designing and implementation of Waste Water Treatment Plants (Proven low cost designs for Dedicated Coconut Industries, Bakeries, Garments and Etc.)
  • Designing of Instillation systems
  • Consultation for waste management techniques